Friday, August 24, 2012

Cru Cellars, Tampa Florida

Good friends. Good times. WINE. I get together with two of my good friends of more than 18 years for dinner once a month.  This month we went to one of my favorite haunts, Datz.  For a post dinner treat, we went to Cru Cellars, just one block away.

I have always driven past Cru Cellars with intentions of stopping in to browse their wine shop. From the street, thats exactly what the location looks like, a wine shop. Tucked away in the back of the store is a quaint bar with 8 tables or so surrounding it. The menu offers a variety of wines by the glass, bottle, or for purchase. On Tuesdays, they have a no corkage day.  Purchase a bottle from their store and enjoy with friends with no fee.  The menu has two dozen or so wines by the glass. They also offer wine flights, if you want to taste a few...and get a wine lesson with it.  My friend Leslie had the "study abroad" flight, which included wines from Argentina, Italy and France.  Jessica and I went with wines by the glass.  We did not eat while there, but the food being served looked scrumptious. They offer a nice variety of cheeses and meats. 

My wine of choice for the night was a Petite Sirah Blend(shocker, huh?) Listed on the menu as the "1448, Red Blend from Califorina," you can actually find it listed for sale under the name Jeff Runquist Red Blend 1448. It is just 14.99 at Total Wine and can be picked up in store or shipped.  The flavors in this wine are big, and if you hadn't told me the price, I would have guessed it to be a MUCH more expensive bottle.  Hints of chocolate and blackberries are abundant. 

According to the website, Cru Cellars has a garden opening in October. Sounds like a fun date night to me.....or another trip with the girls.