Sunday, July 22, 2012

Judd's Hill 2007 Petite Sirah Old Vine Lodi

In a previous post, I mentioned Judd's Hill winery as being one of our favorites on our trip to Napa Valley.  We recently opened our 2007 Petite Sirah Lodi that we had brought home from vacation.    IT WAS JUST AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERED!!!! We paired it with a goat cheese and chive covered steak, loaded baked potato and asparagus....YUM!

Although the 2008 vintage is currently the only Petite Sirah available with Judd's, it promises to be just as good.  However, if you make it out to Napa...the 2007 is available in the tasting room.,-Old-Vine,-Lodi/

The cool thing we learned about Judd's Hill is that they cater to small groups for events and will allow you to make your own wine and design a label.  The indoor tasting room walls were lined with different companies and groups that had come in to participate. Kate Spade was one that I remember adorning the walls ;-)

While sitting down to write my husband asked a good question...WHAT IS LODI? One of our favorite Ravenswood wines is a Old Vine Lodi...and looks like our favorite Judds is also a lodi. WHAT IS IT? I found a website that describes it to a T...but to sum it up....Lodi is actually a city in California famous for Zinfandels. In the area they have vines that date back to 1880!! SOOO it looks like some of our favorite wines are coming from these old and very rare vines!

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