Monday, December 26, 2011

Cork Creations

Ok silly, I know...but I get REALLY disappointed when I bring home a new bottle of wine, remove the foil wrapper and find that the not a cork, but synthetic plastic. Without a doubt, those will always find their way to my trash can. There are so many cool creations to decorate the wine lovers house with corks...the REAL corks.

My first wine creation gift was from Brian's uncle Bill....a trivet for hot pans that also sits as a piece of decor in my kitchen. It is very simple to make,wine corks, a wooden frame, some hot glue and champagne corks as the "feet."

Right now I am saving for something really cool....a big "B" initial to decorate the "wine room." Like this one from

A bath mat could also be this one from

Any other cool ideas for things I can make??!?!?!

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