Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Life is like a box of never know whatch-ur gonna get"

And that is exactly the case with "Two Buck Chuck" wine....or as the label says Charles Shaw wine. No two bottles of the same grape varietal of Charles Shaw wine ever seem to taste the same.   Now, before you read on, don't get your hopes of of immediately trying "two buck chuck wine." Trader Joes started carrying the wine in 2002 and seems to be the only major carrier to this day. If you are sitting in a state without a Trader Joe's grocery I AM RIGHT are going to have to hold off on trying this fantastic economical wine until you can get to a state in which it is sold.  I have tried scouring the internet for other retailers that carry such luck. I even tried my local Total Wine store to see if they would order me a case....again no such luck.    We were fortunate enough to have some friends from Atlanta DRIVE us a case when they were in town visiting and also were able to visit Trader Joes in Napa Valley to bring home two bottles !!!

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What makes it so cheap? There are a ton of rumors as to why it is so cheap. The real reason?  The grapes are from California's Central opposed to the more prestigious grapes from Napa Valley. However, the wines parent company owns a winery and bottling company in Napa Valley, they are able to put the "Napa Valley" distinction on the label of Charles Shaw wine. A ton of Napa Valley grapes can cost around $2,000 whereas a ton from the Central Valley can get as low as $

I do not claim to have tried any of the Charles Shaw whites, but have tried the Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz and all are tasty in my book.

They really should call it Three Buck Chuck as it is now about $2.99 a bottle...but hey that's a bargain in my book.

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