Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updates to Posts- Cork Creations and Sparkling Wine!

Wine Cork Letters(from my 'Cork Creations' post)
I received a few emails and facebook posts about the wine cork letters....soooo for those of you that love the wine cork letters, you can find wooden letter cut outs(if you don't want to attempt yourself) at I originally included this link, but have now ordered a wooden letter from them myself.  I ordered a big "H" for my baby to be's nursery, and it was a very easy pick your font(and there are MANY to choose from), the height and the thickness of the wood. EASY PEASY.  The choices of height range from 6" to 48" which makes it nice to choose based on the number of corks you have to work with and the wall size you have to hang your letter.  Once the nursery is done, I will be making a letter out of corks myself, so stay tuned for my project!

Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wine(from my New Years Eve post on Champagne 101)
In shopping for a bottle of champagne to give for a friends 30th Birthday....we found a couple of bottles of Domaine Carneros at a local grocery store!!! We live in Florida and have looked at Total Wine, ABC Liquor and Publix Supermarket on many occasions with no luck in finding Domaine Carneros.  I am not sure if it is readily available at other Publix locations, but keep your eye out! We found 1 bottle of the 2007 Brut Sparkling wine for $28.99 and a few bottles of the 2008 Rose Cuvee for $36.99...which is only a couple of dollars more than what you would spend if you were buying it on site at the vineyard and MUCH cheaper than the shipping cost in ordering online. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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